About us

When in 2004 I began to consciously think that I had to throw “chemicals” out of my bathroom, it was very difficult to find natural cosmetics on the Polish market at that time. However, I took up this challenge. The plan was to find the best, natural products for myself, and at the same time to offer them to my relatives and other interested parties. 

My husband, a programmer, built an online store for me for this purpose. It just so happens that my husband and I love traveling in the style of discovering amazing, original places on earth. Completely spontaneous trips, surprising, without a plan, which allow you to get to know other cultures from the guts. Every time I told Oskar about a new idea, we just put it into practice. Thanks to this, we have explored the science of living in harmony with nature and how to draw the most valuable ingredients from it.

I learned Indian hair and body care from beautiful Indian women. We have gained knowledge and inspiration about precious minerals, oils and plants that have wonderful powers. We looked at the production of traditional soaps in Syria and Morocco as well as ritual body care. In Scandinavia, we learned about plants whose properties are considered almost magical. We were also looking for our local Slavic plants, drawing inspiration from Polish orchards and meadows. Rich in this knowledge, we have created a Polish brand of natural cosmetics that are based on care rituals from around the world, and which we create in a laboratory near Wrocław.

We wanted Mohani cosmetics to refer to travel. Not only physical, but thanks to conscious care, responding to the individual needs of the body, also spiritual, stimulating the senses. 

Find out how much power lies in nature. 

We invite you on our journey. 

Dorota and Oskar