Vegan silk – a revolution in hair care

Contains no aggravating silicone, no petroleum or any animal substances. Perfectly smoothes the cuticle of the hair, effectively preventing frizz. Nourishes, moisturizes and protects against high temperatures. An ideal product for the daily care of unruly strands.

Vegan silk – a revolution in hair care

Regardless of whether you have beautiful curls, drooping, non-styling strands or an unbridled storm of hair, vegan silk is a proposition that will be the perfect solution for you. This unique composition of plant ingredients will work well in the care of all types of hair, both low, medium and high porosity hair. What is the secret of versatility and high effectiveness of this product? The synergistic action of plant ingredients that have been carefully selected to ensure effective protection of the hair.

Properties of vegetable silk

After applying the serum, the hair becomes more bouncy, flexible and less prone to breaking. It can be applied to the entire strands as well as to the ends themselves. Especially when they have a tendency to split. Vegan silk will smooth your hair well and protect it from high temperature. Therefore, it will be an excellent protective base for treatments with a straightener or curling iron. The conducted research proves that it effectively protects hair against damage during styling (up to 230 ° C). The serum is an excellent panacea for dry hair as it moisturizes well and creates a light, strengthening film. At the same time, it does not burden delicate strands, but gives them a dry, silky finish. It leaves the hair with the effect of a healthy, shiny surface. Vegan silk is also perfect as a conditioner that helps to detangle wet and dry hair.

The secret of green silicone

The wide range of serum properties results from its carefully composed composition. It is the only such product on the cosmetics market. Its heart is a volatile mixture of plant alkanes obtained from rapeseed and coconut oils and a polymer derived from olive oil. The second, secret ingredient is a biodegradable, natural polymer obtained from tung oil and rapeseed oil, which has been very rarely used in cosmetics so far.

Vegan silk not only smoothes the cuticles, but also strengthens and nourishes them.

Its composition, in addition to the above-mentioned, also includes components that are well-known and liked by both cosmetologists and trichologists.

  • A blend of phytomolecules of olive leaves and olive oil – absorbs quickly, adds shine to the hair and makes it easier to detangle. It prevents hair breakage, also has a regenerating and moisturizing effect.
  • Aloe vera macerate – effectively moisturizes the hair, giving it shine and healthy look. It accelerates their growth and protects against mechanical damage. It facilitates detangling and restores the proper pH of the scalp.
  • Bergamot oil – accelerates hair growth, makes it soft and shiny, and nourishes. It is also a component that significantly softens hair and reduces static.
  • Tocopherol (vitamin E) – visibly seals the hair cuticles, making them more flexible and less frizzy.

How to use the serum

Serum is perfect for everyday care. A few drops are enough to get visible results. Spread the silk evenly on dry hair. We can rub it along their entire length or just their ends. We do the same before treatments with high temperature. In this case, it is worth applying the cosmetic along the entire length of the strands. Due to the fact that to obtain the desired effect, literally a few drops are enough, the product is extremely efficient. The convenient pipette it is supplied with facilitates precise application.