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We recognize and appreciate the energy and passion that lies within all lovers of natural care. Do you publish content on an author blog? Posting a review on FB or Instagram? Do you run your YouTube channel? Perfect! Write to us if you have an idea for an interesting content and an idea for the realization of engaging material. Let's think together, what we can do together.
We believe that plants have power and the power of botanical ingredients awaken the skin's natural processes of self-renewal and self-regulation. Your skin knows how to take care of itself!
Nature is close to us, so we respect it and draw from it what is valuable to make your skin feel better. We are inspired to create care rituals from different parts of the world and the plant substances used in them.
You will become part of Mohani! And we do our best, helping you discover your path to care and choosing rituals with the utmost care for your own individual needs.
Cooperation with us means access to the highest quality cosmetics based on well-thought-out formulas and ingredients. Thanks to this, you also follow the trends. Your commitment and cooperation will gain access to a wide group of recipients, thanks to additional support from us.

Cosmetology Naturally: Norwegian Wind

Creams from Mohani Norwegian Wind line seen by Kosmetologia Naturally, which knows almost everything about natural ingredients and natural care! If you want to find out what is hidden in their composition and where the secret of their effectiveness lies, we invite you to watch.

Tryfonka Paints: Do natural cosmetics work?

Norwegian Wind line under the magnifying glass of Marzena from Tryfonka Maluje channel, who thoroughly examined and reviewed our creams. If you want to find out if Norwegian Wind is for you - watch the movie. Have a look at Tryfonka Maluje channel, where you will find a lot of interesting content about cosmetics, makeup and skin care for mature and demanding skin. Thanks to them you will start making conscious decisions about beauty. You are welcome!

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