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We are convinced that each of us carries a unique recipe for a beautiful and healthy look. The Alphabet of the Earth collection consists of simple, natural preparations: hydrolats, butters, oils and face serums. Each product is one step in your daily journey to beautiful, healthy skin.

Thanks to the fact that these are basic, natural formulas, it is easy to select products to best serve our skin. This allows you to individualize your skin care rituals, tailoring them to your body, moods and preferences.

prickly pear oil

A luxurious oil of the highest quality for skin requiring special care. Its every drop is extremely precious due to the difficult and expensive production process from the prickly pear fruit. It has exceptionally intense moisturizing and anti-aging properties. Referred to as the elixir of youth due to its exceptionally high vitamin E content.

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mosqueta wild rose oil

The most valuable of all rose oils, obtained from Rosa Moschata variety, being a rich source of EFAs and vitamin E. The oil has unique properties and versatile effects. It is an intensive nourishing treatment for dry and mature skin. It eliminates dryness and roughness, gives a long-lasting effect of moisturized and soft skin. It is worth using on the face, neck and cleavage.

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Argan oil BIO

Organic argan oil, cold-pressed from the seeds of the argan tree, is one of the most coveted oils in the world. Used for centuries by Moroccan women, it is an invaluable source of beauty and youth for the skin and hair. Rich in essential fatty acids, it is famous for its regenerating and moisturizing properties. It is especially recommended in anti-aging and rejuvenating treatments.

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