Is there more to be gleaned from nature?

organic oils

Essential oils, or something smells good

Essential oils are nothing but a liquid substance obtained by steam distillation or cold pressing of a selected plant component. They are extracted from the leaves, flowers, stems and fruits of the plant. Thanks to this we obtain a pure, concentrated essence of one ingredient, which retains maximum care and aromatherapeutic properties

Organic essential oil - rosemary

A natural, 100% organic essential oil derived from the leaves of the plant called Rosmarinus officinalis. For centuries, rosemary has been recognized in culture as a symbol of love. As an addition to hair cosmetics, the oil will not only reduce excessive oiliness of the hair but also help to deal with dandruff and inflammation.

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Organic essential oil - eucalyptus

Natural, organic essential oil extracted from the leaves of eucalyptus, precisely from the Eucalyptus globulus variety. It has been widely used for years as a means of reducing congestion. It has also become an integral part of insect and mosquito repellent products.

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Organic essential oil - bergamot

Organic essential oil obtained from the peel of the bergamot fruit. It is an evergreen citrus tree that grows in Italy. It is harvested mainly for its ability to provide essential oil, as its flesh is bitter to the taste.

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