meet the mohani smile collection

offers natural and organic oral care products

Biodegradable dental floss

When caring for a beautiful smile, rely on effective and safe solutions with our Mohani Smile oral care line. Change your dental floss for the all-natural and biodegradable Mohani Smile floss with a pleasant and refreshing mint aroma

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Whitening toothpaste with activated charcoal

Mohani Smile natural whitening toothpaste with certified activated charcoal. Effectively cleans tooth enamel and helps remove stains from coffee, tea or nicotine. Enriched with xylitol, stevia and a unique composition of essential oils. Helps whiten teeth without causing sensitivity.

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Teeth whitening charcoal powder

Natural teeth whitening powder based on certified activated charcoal from coconut shells. Effectively and safely cleans the enamel surface, removing stains and discolorations from coffee, tea and nicotine. Enriched with bentonite clay.

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