Dry brushing for beautiful body skin

Dry brushing for beautiful body skin

Conscious skin care is a very important trend that allows you to achieve the effect of a well-groomed body in a balanced and thoughtful way. For many years it has been said that a scrub plus the appropriate cream is an indispensable duet in the fight for beautiful skin. Question: Are scrubs with particles the only way to smooth skin?

No. There are very fast, effective and pleasant substitutes of this procedure. One of them is a very old method originating from Asia – dry brushing.

Massage and care in one. Advantages of dry brushing

Even skin tone and tight skin. You need to know that dry brushing is not only a procedure that helps get rid of dead skin, but also … a form of massage. Skin cared for and pampered in this way brings only benefits.

Stimulate circulation. Since dry brushing is a massage of the skin, thanks to this procedure blood circulation is stimulated and the lymphatic system is stimulated. Well-circulated skin means less sensitivity to temperature fluctuations, reduced stretch marks and a more radiant appearance.

Cellulite Reduction. It has been proven that by brushing your body regularly, exercising and drinking enough water, you can significantly reduce the appearance of orange peel. It really works!

No more ingrown hairs. Oh, we’ve probably all been through this. Skin inflammation caused by ingrown hairs is a common occurrence, and it hurts, especially in the bikini area. The remedy for this problem is systematic dry brushing, done once or twice a week on average.

The natural way. Dry skin scrubbing fits perfectly into the idea of less-waste. A solid massage brush will last for years. When you brush your body, you don’t use any packaging, so you don’t contribute to the production of waste – a growing problem. By choosing this method of exfoliation, you save the environment and your pocket.

Hygienic. A brush made of natural materials, washed regularly with soap or shampoo, will not become a breeding ground for fungi and bacteria. Unlike sponges, which are still common.

Economy. Body brushes can serve for years and are much more efficient than using scrubs. You do not have to remember about buying cosmetics, you do not have to worry about possible allergic reactions. The advantages alone!

How to properly perform a dry body brushing treatment?

The treatment should be performed from the feet, gradually moving the brush upwards. It’s best to do the massage dry, before bathing – and then use an oil or lotion afterwards. The key to a perfectly smooth body is the regularity of the massage, so repeat it once or twice a week.

Start by sweeping your skin in firm strokes, starting at the feet and working your way up. Your abdomen is best massaged in a clockwise circular motion – that is, in the direction of blood flow. Why is this important? Because the purpose of massage is to promote venous emptying.

By moving in the natural direction of the blood flow, we speed the blood to the heart rather than directing it towards the valves. It is recommended to perform a lighter massage on the décolletage, neck and bust area, and a stronger treatment on the thighs and buttocks. Remember to use gentle pressure for the first few times, and only after you get used to your skin can you allow yourself to press the brush harder against your body.

What do you need to remember?

Brush your body about 5 or 10 minutes 2 or 3 times a week

Always massage with the brush in the direction of your heart

Gradually increase the pressure on your skin

Brush your abdomen in a gentle circular motion

Avoid moles and birthmarks

Do not brush on your neckline or face

Before you buy. What do you need to know about a body brush?

A good body massage brush is one created from natural materials. A beechwood brush with natural bristles is ideal – they should be evenly trimmed and densely packed. Consider a brush with tampico bristles, natural fiber from agave, a plant native to Mexico. Why? Because this material is very rarely non-allergenic and is very resistant to wear. A longer handle makes it much easier to use – there is not always someone willing to brush your back. Ideally suited here Mohani bath and body massage brush.

However, if for some reason you are afraid that the dry brushing treatment may be too invasive, try our massage gloves – they will certainly treat your skin a little more gently. Worth a try: Mohan Intensive Exfoliating Linseed-Hemp Bath Glove or Mohani Gentle Exfoliating Linseed Bath Glove.

Dry body brushing – and then what?

It’s a good idea to follow up dry body brushing with a proper skin conditioning treatment. Take care of the right cream, which will help to alleviate any post-treatment effects: burning or itching of the body. Remember that new tissue has no protection until the remodeling process is complete. Dry peeling makes it vulnerable to rapid evaporation of water – give it time and strength to rebuild its hydrolipid mantle. What to use. Strongly lubricating Mohani cocoa butter, deeply regenerating Mohani mango seed butter or moisturizing Mohani aloe butter.

It is worth to trust nature

We strongly encourage you to try this method of peeling. There is no denying that dry brushing, in addition to beautiful and shiny skin, brings with it health benefits. It stimulates the lymphatic system, helps remove toxins from the body, and on top of that – it relaxes you. Skin brushing can be calming and soothing. It is a treatment commonly used in professional SPA salons (the average cost of such treatment ranges from 50 to 150 zł). It is worth choosing this method also because of the ecological dimension – thanks to a brush we use less cosmetics, which means less cardboard boxes, less plastic in the disposal space. All advantages!