About us

Mohani is a Polish brand producing natural, vegetarian cosmetics. We believe that beauty comes directly from nature, and we draw inspiration from the farthest corners of the world. By exploring centuries-old body care traditions, we choose only valuable ingredients. Mohani cosmetics do not contain parabens, silicones, paraffins and PEGs. We care about the highest quality, so that our brand is a guarantee of beautiful skin.


Among our products we offer you the following series:

    Aqua Botanica - a collection of refreshing botanic hydrosols
    Precious Oils - oils rich in vitamins and nutrients
    Rich Butters - body and hair butters with moisturizing and lubricating properties
    Natural SPA - a series for home spa care
    Arabian Hammam - cosmetics inspired by Far East baths
    Mohani Smile - comprehensive oral care
    Make Up - natural make-up cosmetics
    Wild Garden - fruity, energizing body mousses, peelings and oils
    Mystic India - products inspired by India
    Wild Africa - soaps and butters directly from the Black Continent