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Dry brushing for beautiful body skin
Conscious skin care is a very important trend that allows you to achieve the effect of a well-groomed body in a balanced and thoughtful way. There are very fast, effective and pleasant substitutes of this procedure. One of them is a very old method originating from Asia - dry brushing.
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What do you know about hydrolats?
Although the name itself sounds more like a term for a mysterious botanical substance to people who are hearing it for the first time, hydrolats have been known in skincare for quite some time and in their fame they are catching up with tonics, which until now have held a strong position in their category.
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How does aloe vera oil work?
Everyone has probably heard about the beneficial effects of aloe vera. The extract from this plant is added to food, drinks, medicines and cosmetics.
Cosmetics with extracts from this succulent are especially popular among people with dry, sensitive skin, but also those with acne problems.
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