Rubus ideaus seed oil - raspberry seed oil

Rubus ideaus seed oil - raspberry seed oil

In the composition of pure raspberry seed oil we can find as much as 80% of EFAs, which are rich in omega-3 and omega-6 acids, necessary to maintain hydrolipidic balance of the skin. These acids are exogenous, so we are not able to synthesize them on our own – they must be provided with food and cosmetics, hence the popularity of products containing them is still growing.

Fatty acids improve the quality of any type of skin, support the absorption of active ingredients. The oil contains vitamin A and a large dose of vitamin E, which rejuvenate the complexion and are a very popular addition to cosmetics. The product has also been proven to lighten sun spots.

The presence of antioxidants (carotenoids and flavonoids) in raspberry seeds protects the DNA material of cells, and polyphenols (the same group of compounds that is responsible for the effects of green tea or red wine) have an antioxidant effect (deactivates free radicals).

There have been reports of a protective effect against the sun’s harmful UV rays (SPF ~8)-but studies have not confirmed this when exposed to strong sun – in summer it is better to protect yourself with traditional titanium oxide or zinc-based filters.

Raspberry seed oil does not clog pores, is quickly absorbed and the skin is smooth and moisturized after its use. Thanks to phytosterols it accelerates wound healing, prevents water evaporation, strengthens the epidermal barrier – has a protective effect. What is interesting, these compounds support the synthesis of collagen, which affects the firmness of the skin.

The oil is cold-pressed, then it can be refined (or not). It is not clear, can be yellowish or even greenish, with a fresh, slightly fruity scent. It works well added to cosmetics or diluted with another oil. You can also use it directly on the skin. It should be stored in a dark container in a cool place.

The oil will be suitable for mature skin thanks to its firming effect and for acne-prone skin (it soothes irritations and accelerates healing).

Composition of Mohani precious oils Raspberry: Rubus Idaeus Seed Oil (100% cold-pressed raspberry seed oil, unrefined).


Raspberry seed oil

Raspberry seed oil

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