Organic rose Mosqueta oil

  • Organic wild rose oil is highly recommended for dry, sensitive and capillary skin. It regenerates the skin affected by signs of aging, scars and discoloration. Used regularly, it gently balances the skin tone and minimizes redness of the skin.
Organic rose Mosqueta oil
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Organic rose Mosqueta oil
Organic rose Mosqueta oil

Mohani Organic Mosqueta Rose Oil

Naturated and cold-pressed organic Mosqueta Rose Mohani oil is an ally of mature, dry, flabby and sensitive skins in the fight for a youthful appearance. It helps to eliminate the first signs of aging and keeps the skin in good condition. It strengthens and nourishes medium-pored hair.

The oil is rich in EFAs (essential fatty acids). Our skin does not have the ability to produce them on its own, so we must provide them with proper care.

Mosqueta rose oil (Moshate) is the most valuable variety of rose oils

Other names for this variety of rose: rust rose, musk rose, musk rose, Rosa rubiginosa. The bushes of this variety ripen in the sun in the foothills of the Andes, in Chile. Thanks to this, the seeds of the fruit, from which the oil is pressed, are rich in nutrients valuable for the condition of the skin and hair. It is worth using on the face, neck and cleavage, so that the skin in these areas longer retains its firmness and velvety smoothness.

Oil for sensitive, dry and mature skin requiring nourishment:

  • An excellent source of EFAs and vitamin E. Provides intensive nourishing treatment for dry and mature skin. It eliminates dryness and roughness giving a long-lasting effect of moisturized and soft skin.
  • Applied to the skin at night, it acts like a compress: the skin is smooth, taut and bright in the morning. Mosqueta rosehip oil eliminates the effects of fatigue and gives a radiant appearance. It improves and evens out skin tone, has natural brightening properties (it works on e.g. acne and sun spots). Reduces the visibility of scars. Significantly influences the regeneration process of problem areas.
  • Rebuilds the damaged hydrolipidic barrier and restores its balance. It makes properly moisturized skin stop having problems with excessive shine. It soothes sensitive skin, has a soothing effect and makes any skin changes disappear faster. Recommended for soothing the skin after excessive sunbathing.
  • Safe for skin with a tendency to burst blood vessels, reduces their appearance. Regular use of Mosqueta rosehip oil visibly improves the condition of the skin.
  • It is a light oil that absorbs quickly. It can be used before applying makeup. Rosehip oil does not have clogging properties. It has a delicate, non-irritating aroma.

Mosqueta rose in the service of highly porous hair:

  • Great for moisturizing the scalp and preventing irritation. It helps fight painful skin inflammation.
  • Strengthens hair due to its high content of lycopenes and EFAs (essential fatty acids), which help nourish hair and prevent further damage.

How to use Mohani BIO Mosqueta rose oil:

  • Apply alone, directly to the skin without dilution. Apply a small amount to the face, neck and décolleté or the whole body and massage in with gentle movements. It is worth using on skin moistened with rose water, then it is quickly absorbed and gives an even longer moisturizing effect.
  • Combine with a few drops of Mohani hyaluronic acid to create an active skin care serum.
  • Add a few drops to your favorite cream to enhance its skincare properties.
  • Mix with other oils to create your own unique composition tailored to the individual needs of your skin.
  • Mix with organic essential oil to make your body massage more sensual and relaxing.

Origin: Germany

Packaging: dark glass bottle equipped with a pipette.

Net volume: 50 ml

Storage: in a dry, dark place.

INGREDIENTS: Rosa Moschata Seed Oil (100% BIO cold-pressed oil of Mosqueta rose fruit seeds, unrefined)

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